augmented_realityOne of the coolest applications of visual search is augmented reality.  You have a camera and a heads’ up display – Google Glass, for instance – and when you look at something, the camera captures images and feeds them into a visual search engine, which returns information displayed on the heads’ up display.  We know this will happen, just not quite how.

Here’s an interesting article about the state of play: Augmented Reality: More than meets the eye.

“It works through smartphones, tablets and smart glasses to add virtual layers of information to the real world. It’s time, say the experts, for businesses to begin thinking seriously about what augmented reality can do for them

Indeed.  One of the keys points made in the article – which applies to visual search in general – is that while there is a grand vision, specific applications which provide value *now* will drive adoption and help the technology evolve.

We see that quite clearly, which is one of the reasons why eyesFinder has begun with medical imaging applications, where a tremendous amount of value can be created right away.  The progress we make there will help us deliver value in other applications, creeping up on the grand vision.